About Us

United Team Group was started by a group of experts in the health field who wanted to bring the most cutting-edge tools to the general public.

People who want to improve their health are often confused by the conflicting claims from online gurus selling diet fads or technology gimmicks that do not have proven benefits.

United Team Group has searched the globe to find science-based products that with help those seeking to achieve the well-being and self-esteem that come from having, glowing health, youthful skin, and natural vitality.  

Our Lifestyle Philosophy

There are many ways to achieve success in the broadest sense.

Here are some reminders about principles, practices, and attitudes that will contribute to a healthy body, mind, and spirit and help you to be successful with your mission in the world.

Health and Wellness

It’s hard to eat too many greens, too much fiber, or too little sugar. Drink water often, even if you don’t feel like it, because dehydration is common and unhealthy. Good food is not enough to offset genetics, toxic environment, and modern stress, so ask an expert to customize a nutritional supplement program. A perfect diet would not be sufficient for good health, so exercise regularly, no matter how little time you think you have or what routine you do. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so treat it with as much healthy respect as you do your heart. Wash your hands at least twice a day with soap for 20 seconds or use an antibacterial solution to reduce the chances of infection. The health of your teeth and gums can affect your entire body because periodontal bacteria can spread, so be rigorous about brushing twice a day, flossing once, and having a hygienist do a cleaning a few times a year. Be moderate in your drinking because you might be one of those who has a physical or psychological disposition to go out of control. If you don’t know your genetic health background, find out from your family about their experiences and what they know about your relatives and ancestors. It is never too late to start an anti-aging program—learn about the tools, techniques, products, and programs that can reverse the clock.

Inner Life

Meditate daily, no matter how long or in what style. Pray for inspiration in all your decisions, even if you have no specific faith. Do positive self-talk before you go to sleep to help program your dreams. Take a vacation every year and keep your phone and computer off, allowing contact only for real emergencies. Travel to other countries and immerse yourself in other cultures. The glass is always half full—you have a choice as to how you look at it. Read books, study articles, and listen to or watch lectures that will broaden and deepen your understanding of the world. If you find yourself often in a bad mood, figure out what makes you laugh and indulge yourself in developing a sense of humor. Set aside at least once a month when you help others, to put your own problems in perspective. Don’t dwell on slights—get a thick skin by improving your self-esteem.


Be a workhorse, but not a workaholic. It costs nothing to do everything with politeness. Practice being calm in a crisis—take a deep breath, consider the bigger picture, and anticipate problems so you are prepared. Be slow to anger and quick to apologize. Pay attention to detail—it takes practice and focus to be consistent and accurate. Don’t wait until you have every piece of information you think you need to make the perfect decision or your competitors will jump ahead of you. Ten heads are better than one, so don’t try to figure out everything yourself and ask others to help you brainstorm. Take responsibility for your mistakes and learn from them. Always do your best—don’t cut corners because it’s easier. Keep your promises no matter what.